Monday, August 16, 2010

17. Postcard from Switzerland

A.Anker, Schreibende Schulerin 
- Le devoir d'ecriture

Piękny obraz szwajcarskiego malarza Alberta Samuela Ankera 
przedstawiajacy piszącą nauczycielkę.
A beautiful picture of the Swiss painter Albert Samuel Anker, 
showing the teacher writes. 

 Self-portrait in profile, left (1891)
Albert Samuel Anker (April 1, 1831 – July 16, 1910) was a Swiss painter and illustrator who has been called the "national painter" of Switzerland because of his enduringly popular depictions of 19th-century Swiss village life.
  Albert Anker's work made him Switzerland's most popular genre painter of the 19th century, and his paintings have continued to enjoy a great popularity due to their general accessibility. Indeed, as a student, Anker summed up his approach to art as follows: "One has to shape an ideal in one's imagination, and then one has to make that ideal accessible to the people."
 Many Swiss postage stamps and other media have incorporated Anker's work. His studio in Ins has been preserved as a museum by the Albert Anker Foundation. One of Anker's greatest admirers and collectors is former Federal Councillor Christoph Blocher, since the 1980s Switzerland's most influential conservative politician, who also published an apologetic essay on Anker.

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